Bath has 6,000 street-side trees, and 14,000 public trees (cemeteries, parks, schools, boat launches, and wooded areas). Conservative appraisal value of $8,000,000 (Assuming average cost of $300 per tree and $100 per tree for installation).          

The City Arborist is the primary steward of Bath’s community forest. He is responsible for care of public trees, i.e. corrective pruning, planting, removal, cabling & bracing, emergency assessment, insect and disease monitoring, inventorying.  The City Arborist promptly responds to inquiries made from City departments and residents alike concerning tree and shrub care.

Curious about a tree in one of our parks or sidewalk plantings?

Awards and Recognition:

Bath has a historical legacy of significant trees and is ranked second in the State for communities containing the largest number of "Champion” trees. We have fourteen state champs! Bath has been a National Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA for 21 years and has received the Growth Award for 8 years. Recognized by the Maine Forest Service's Project Canopy in 2005 for Excellence in Urban Forestry and again in 2008.

Pest Alert:

Bath is expecting a heavy outbreak of Browntail Moth for the Spring of 2019.  For more information you may contact the City Arborist or click on the links below.  See also a link to information on Winter Moth.  The newest defoliating invasive insect here in Bath.

Browntail Moth Winter Nest ID

Updated Browntail Moth Slideshow

Tick Identification and General Info

Winter Moth Info 

Winter Moth Presentation

*List of Licensed Pesticide Applicators willing to treat for Browntail Moth and other invasive pests.

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