Green, Oak, Bedford Streets Construction

UPDATE - MARCH 17, 2023 - The contractor performed tree cutting in the work area.  Storm drain installation began at the downstream end by making a new connection to an existing catch basin on Bedford Street.  Pipe was then installed from Bedford, through two backyards, to Oak Street.  The pipe run continued west on Oak St.  Several new manholes and catch basins were installed.  Current work is to connect two existing catch basins on Oak Street to the new storm drain.  Removal of ledge, and a layer of concrete pavement, was required.



UPDATE - FEBRUARY 7, 2023 - Crooker Construction anticipates mobilizing to the site and starting work on or about February 20. Work is expected to begin with site preparation and tree removal. Following will be installation of a new storm drain on Bedford Street near Keel Street. Work will proceed through backyards southward toward Oak Street, a short stretch within Oak Street, then again through backyards from Oak Street to Green Street. The majority of the work will occur on Green Street. That work includes replacement of sewers, storm drains, sidewalks, road pavement and replacement of several utility poles.  Work on Green Street itself is not expected to begin until mid-April.

In mid-May, Crooker will temporarily leave the site and the Bath Water District will replace the water main on Green Street. That work will be done by Ray Labbe & Sons and is expected to take approximately three weeks. Crooker will then return to the site.

Work on Green Street is expected to be substantially completed by early August. Schedules are very much subject to change and early season weather is a factor.

A detailed set of project plans can be found here.

The City has engaged Wright-Pierce to provide a resident project representative. This representative is primarily responsible for monitoring the contractor’s activities. But this representative will also act as a liaison between residents and the contractor and the City, providing a reliable source of on-site information and communication. During the project, residents are encouraged to contact this representative with any concerns. Contact information is below:

Ryan Shea
Wright-Pierce Engineers
Resident Project Representative
(207) 504-4336

Please visit this page during construction as the information will be updated as work progresses.

UPDATE - OCTOBER 1, 2022 - The project has been awarded to Crooker Construction of Topsham. Work is anticipated to begin in late February 2023 and to be completed by early June 2023. These dates can change depending on weather conditions. 

Public Meeting

The City invited feedback to the proposed work from the residents of Green, Oak, and Bedford Streets and from other Bath residents at a public information meeting held on Thursday, January 13, at 6:00 p.m. The meeting was recorded and can be watched online through BCTV On Demand.

If you have any questions about this project please call the Bath Public Works Department at 207-443-8357 or email

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