Commercial Street Sidewalk

July 8, 2022 - UPDATE - Construction work on this project has been completed with the planting of trees and striping of the road, sharrows, and crosswalk. 



June 3, 2002 - UPDATE - The contractor has completed installation of the brick sidewalk. The wheelchair ramps with detectable warning fields have been installed. The street has been repaved up to the new cobblestone edging, and the chains have been installed between the railroad rail bollards. Crosswalk striping and tree installation will be next. The contractor has worked hard to bring the project very close to completion in time for the launch of Maine's First Ship, the Virginia, on Saturday, June 4, and the City appreciates that effort. 



May 25, 2022 - UPDATE - Contractor has placed asphalt base layer for brick sidewalk. Brick placement is underway, including engraved bricks. Custom concrete entrance ramps to the three freight shed entrances were constructed. Utilities have been moved from the old pole to the new pole. Storm drain catch basin has been installed. The project in on schedule for completion. 



April 21, 2022 - UPDATE - The contractor has completed the retaining wall in front of the freight shed. The area in front of the wall has been prepared for paving, which is the base for the brick sidewalk. Installation of railroad rail bollard system has begun. The work was complicated by the presence of a gas main right along the line of the bollards. 


April 4, 2022 - UPDATE - The contractor has restarted work after the winter season. The retaining wall in front of the freight shed has been extended to the south end of the building. 


November 23, 2021 - UPDATE - Contractor has placed asphalt base layer for brick sidewalk at north end of project area and placed asphalt for parking area at south end of project area.


Contractor began excavation for and installation of precast concrete retaining wall in front of freight shed.


Contractor has placed concrete for sidewalk at south end of project area and installed precast concrete lighting bases and wiring handholes. Central Maine Power has installed replacement pole, with wiring move to follow. 


November 5, 2021 - UPDATE - Contractor has cut existing road pavement for new sidewalk. Granite curb has been installed at the north and south ends of the project area. Electrical conduit has been installed. Concrete sidewalk ramp has been installed. 



Fire hydrant has been moved. Blocks for the retaining wall and bricks for the sidewalk are on site and ready for installation.


Note that the traffic detour for southbound Commercial St. traffic is still in place and the parking area has been temporarily suspended. Please click the link below for current detour map:


The City of Bath applied for a grant from the Maine Department of Transportation in 2011 for funds to construct a sidewalk on the east side of Commercial Street between the Sagadahoc Bridge and Broad Street. After a long design and review period, the project is finally coming to construction. The work is expected to begin in October 2021. The project includes a storm drain, new sidewalk and crosswalks, a retaining wall, and lighting. The construction has been awarded to J. Pratt Construction, a contractor from Minot, Maine. The City will be represented on the site by Ransom Consulting, who also designed all of the improvements. The work is expected to take approximately 2-3 months.

More updates will be posted on this page as work progresses.

For questions, please call the Bath Public Works Department at (207) 443-8357.

Pre-construction Photos: 


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