Special Events Application and Permits

A permit is required to hold an event with an anticipated attendance of 100 people or more where the City is, or may become, involved.

The term “special event” has been defined to include any event in which attendance is anticipated to be 100 people or more, and in which the City (whether through the reservation of City-owned or controlled property or through an increased level of City services such as police or fire service) is involved. This includes events held on private property where there is a potential for hazards to public safety if the event is not regulated.

In order to meet the requirements of the ordinance, event organizers will have to submit an application to the City 30 days prior to the event (unless the City Manager or his/her designee allows a shorter time frame for good cause shown) outlining a description of the event, including its expected impact on the City, City services, residents, and businesses. The application will be reviewed by several City departments before approval to ensure that all needs are anticipated.

To read the full ordinance, please view City Ordinance Chapter 10, Article 5 (pg 7). 

Applications must be submitted a minimum of no less than 30 days prior to the date of the event. The application will not be considered submitted until the $25 application fee is received.

Special Events Permit Online Form

Once an application is reviewed there may be additional forms requested in order for approval (some services may be an additional cost)

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