Bridge Park

23 Commercial Street, Bath, ME

Bridge Park is the newest public park in the City of Bath completed in 2023

The City of Bath worked with The Guilford Transportation Industries, a state-owned property. The state agreed to use the space for a public park.

The lot was designed by Wright Pierce of Topsham, ME and built by J. Pratt Construction from Hebron, ME

A beautiful spot to sit, reflect and enjoy the views of the Kennebec River.

Located next to the Maine's First Ship and the Bath Freight Shed, home of the first English ocean-going vessel, the Virginia

Torii Gate

A Japanese torii gate built in Bath’s downtown Riverwalk also serves as a bridge between the City of Ships and Tsugaru,

The gate and a memorial garden honor Tsugaru citizens who rescued members of the crew of the Cheseborough, a Bath-built merchant vessel that ran aground during a typhoon in 1889 near the northern Japanese village of Shakiri in what is now Tsugaru. Nineteen of the 23 crew members were killed. Villagers went to extraordinary lengths to rescue the survivors, with men reportedly tying themselves to ropes and swimming out to pull them to shore. A woman reportedly held a crew member suffering from hypothermia against her body to revive him, and a group ran 40 miles to the Aomori capital to get help and an English translator.

Tsugaru schoolchildren are taught the story of the Cheseborough, and in 1969, the city built a memorial for the victims near the site of the disaster. The two cities have run an exchange program since 1990 as part of a sister-city relationship.

General Information
4 Sheridan Road

Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 4 PM
Closed Tuesdays
12:00 - 1:00 PM