Special Events Permit

Applications must be submitted a minimum of no less than 30 days prior to the date of the event. The application will not be considered submitted until the $25 application fee is received.

Once application is reviewed there may be additional forms requested in order for approval (some services may be an additional cost)

- Application for Street Closing
- Parade Application
- Fire/EMS Detail Coverage Application
- Police Department Special Services Application
- Park Use Application

For more information on Special Events please contact the Bath Parks & Recreation Department at 207-443-8360

Applicant Information
I hereby make application to the City of Bath for the above-referenced property(ies) and the event as described. To the best of my knowledge the information provided herein is accurate. The City of Bath employees are authorized to enter the property(ies) for purposes of reviewing this proposal. I understand that the event shall not commence until such time as approval has been granted by the City Clerk’s Office.