Patrol and Criminal Investigations

Division of Patrol and Investigation

Deputy Chief: Michelle Small

Office Hours: Monday - Friday; 8:00am - 3:00pm

Contact Information: (207) 443-5563 (Business) or 911 (Emergency) 

Location: Bath Police Department: 250 Water Street, Bath

The Patrol Division of the Bath Police Department is made up of 13 officers. This includes a supervisory contingent of one Deputy Chief, three Sergeants, and three Corporals. The Patrol Division is split into three shifts, providing 24-hour coverage to the City. Patrol Officers work a 10-hour shift, consisting of: days (7 am to 5 pm), evenings (3:30 pm to 1:30 am), and midnights (9 pm to 7 am).

The Patrol Division performs various police functions, including but not limited to; traffic control and direction, traffic enforcement, motor vehicle accident investigations, and arrest of persons involved in crimes and misconduct. Patrol officers also respond to civil disturbances, domestic disputes, missing children, prowlers, and other calls for service.

The Patrol Division uses conventional fully marked black and white police cruisers in performing its function. Members of the Patrol Division can also be seen riding police mountain bikes or walking foot beats. The Division also has two fully equipped police mountain bikes. In addition, the department has a K-9 unit assigned to the Patrol Division.

How Many and What Types Of Calls
The Bath Police Department handles over 8,000 calls for service a year. . We are responsible for all types of calls, not just those related to crime and disorder. One of the most common calls is to investigate automobile accidents. The officers themselves initiate many calls handled by the Patrol Division. This includes but is not limited to such things as OUI investigations and arrests on warrants. Patrol officers respond to both commercial and residential alarms. Officers are often requested to do welfare checks on citizens as well as handle truancy calls. One of the important functions of Patrol is to serve Protective Orders. Patrol officers provide escorts, respond to parking complaints, and conduct building checks as well as unlock vehicle doors.

Detective Division:

The Bath Police Department has 3 detectives; a detective sergeant, one detective that specializes in juvenile cases, and one that handles drug-related offenses. The common tasks assigned to the Detective Division are:

  • Investigate and process felony and in-depth cases
  • Overseeing the Sex Offender Registration and Neighborhood Notification programs.
  • Conducts background checks on potential public safety employees.

Detectives also serve as the agency's civil rights officers.  They are responsible for investigating potential civil rights violations and coordinating with the Attorney General's Office on these matters.  Our currently assigned civil rights officers are Det. Sgt. Ross and SRO Reece.

The detective division also oversees the School Resource Officer at Morse High School.

General Information
Phone Numbers
Fax: 207-443-8343
Emergencies: Dial 911
250 Water Street

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM