Traffic Safety and Parking Enforcement

New: South End Parking Permit Program

The City of Bath Police Department implemented a South End Parking Permit Program on January 1, 2022, to help address parking and traffic issues as identified in the 2019 South End Transportation Study. (Click Here to Learn More.) 

Bath Parking Enforcement Officer: To reach our parking enforcement officer, June Berry, please call (207) 443-5563, ext. 3, or email 

The Parking Enforcement Officer bears primary responsibility for the enforcement of parking ordinances with the city. They work full-time, Monday through Friday during the day, as well as during special events. 

Parking in Downtown Bath

Please click here to view the City's parking brochure, which shows parking options in the downtown area. Copies of this brochure are available at the Police Station, City Hall, and the Bath Regional Information Center. 

Parking Ordinances

Please click here (list updated September 2023) for a list of all streets with parking restrictions. If a street is not listed, it has no parking restrictions other than a winter parking ban (see "Winter Parking Ban" below).

Parking Against the Flow of Traffic

Motorists must park with the flow of traffic. No person can cause a vehicle to be parked in such a manner that, when leaving that space, will require the vehicle to cross a lane of traffic in order to proceed in the direction in which the vehicle was parked.

Winter Parking Ban
From November 15th to March 15th of each year, motorists cannot park on City streets any longer than 30 minutes between the hours of 12:00 am (midnight) and 6:00 am of any day except for bona fide emergencies. The city may extend the parking ban after March 15th as necessary until such winter conditions abate.

Immobilizing and Towing
When an individual has three or more outstanding (unpaid) tickets, any vehicle registered to them may be booted or towed whether they are in violation at the time of impoundment or not. In order to have the boot removed or vehicle released, the owner must pay all unpaid tickets, plus a Boot Fee of $75.00 if booted. The owner must get a complete list of tickets by appearing at the Bath Police Department. Correct payment (cash or check) will be accepted at the police department. If the payee does not have the correct payment, they must pay at the Bath Police Department at 250 Water Street during normal business hours.

Parking Permits

A Parking Permit may be purchased at the cost of $45 per month for downtown lots. Each permit is for a specific lot within the downtown. If interested, please contact the Bath Police Department. Please note that there may be a waiting list for permits. South End permit lots/areas are $60/month.  This includes Castine Ave lot and the Washington St permit parking areas alongside BIW property.

Unpaid Tickets
How Many tickets do you have? It is your responsibility to find out. Call the Bath Police Department at 443-5563 to find out. Remember, three or more unpaid tickets subjects a vehicle to be booted or towed. Double the amount of the ticket if not paid within 30 days of issuance.

You can now pay parking tickets online. Select "City of Bath ME - Police" from the department drop down menu. 

Overtime Violations
First in half year $ 30.00
Second in half year $ 35.00
Third in half year $ 40.00
Fourth in half year $ 45.00
Fifth or more in half year $ 50.00

Central Business District Overtime Violations
First in half year Warning
2nd in half year $ 20.00
3rd in half year $ 25.00
All subsequent violations increase in $5.00 increments

Other Selected Violations:
No Parking Area $ 30.00
No Parking Permit $ 45.00
Parking Against Traffic $ 30.00
Within 20 feet of Corner $ 30.00
Within 10 feet of Hydrant $ 40.00
Within 10 feet of Driveway $30.00
Blocking Driveway $ 50.00
Too Far From or On Curb $ 20.00
Parking In Bus Zone or Stop $ 30.00
Loading Zone $ 30.00
Parking in a Fire Lane $ 50.00
Double Parking $ 30.00
Parking Ban, Nov 15 - Mar 15 $ 30.00
Blocking Snow Removal $ 30.00
Blocking a Public Way $ 40.00
Hazardous Parking $ 50.00
Parking on Crosswalk $ 30.00
Parking on Sidewalk:

  • Sidewalk Not Blocked $ 30.00
  • Blocking Sidewalk $ 50.00

Handicapped Parking $200.00
Use of Immobilization device $ 75.00

South End Permit Program

First violation $50

Second violation $75

Third Violation $100 and tow

Fourth Violation $150 and tow

Fifth Violation $300 and tow

Misuse of residential permit, first offense $50

Misuse of residential permit, second offense, Loss of permit

Falsifying a residential permit $100

Parking in vanpool/carpool permit area without permit $50

General Information
Phone Numbers
Fax: 207-443-8343
Emergencies: Dial 911
250 Water Street

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM