Personnel Services Commission


Brian HatchJanuary 2024
Timothy PrattJanuary 2023
Julie AmbrosinoCity Council Rep
Caitlin McCorkleCity Council Rep
Miriam JohnsonCity Council Rep
Karla Gagnon, Chair
January 2022

Membership updated 12-29-2021

Personnel Policy - City Ordinance, Chapter 12, Article 9: Personnel Service Commission, 12.901 Purpose: 

The duty and purpose of the Personnel Service Commission is to assist Department Heads in the process of interviewing and recommending candidates who apply for Union positions. Selection of City employees is based on competition and merit principles to promote efficient personnel practices in the public interests and to prevent unlawful discrimination in City personnel administration. Hiring processes and Commission assistance may vary based on the needs of each department. 

Personnel Service Commission assists with all Unionized positions now existing, or hereafter created, in the Police Department, Fire and Rescue Department, Public Works Department, Landfill Division, and Wastewater Treatment Facility, and Cemetery and Parks Division. Non-union positions, elected officials, and volunteers are exempt from PSC processes.  

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