Planning Board Applications

Fee Schedule for Planning Applications

Modifications to the exterior of buildings located within the historic district require review.  Often, projects can be reviewed and approved by an administrative process in as short as three days. Other projects, of greater scale, can be considered by the Planning Board concurrently with applications for either site plan approval or subdivision approval.

Application for Historic District Approval

Application for Historic District Amendment

The Land Use Code is the guiding document used to regulate the use of land within the City.  From time-to-time, modifications of the code are necessary to facilitate development or correct deficiencies.  Early coordination with the Director is important to insure a successful project.

Application for Land Use Code Amendment

Application for Land Use Code Map Amendment

Application for Contract Rezoning

Subdivision approval is required for the division of land.  A two-part process, including a Sketch Plan Review, is mandatory.

Subdivision Sketch Plan Review Application

Final Subdivision Approval Application

Subdivision Amendment Application

Site plan approval is required for certain changes of use, construction projects, and to prove compliance with the Land Use Code.  Dependent on the scope of the project, site plans are either reviewed or approved by staff, a minor review committee, or by the Planning Board. 

Request for Pre-Application Workshop

Site Plan Approval Application

Site Plan Amendment Application

Site Plan Amendment Application (Minor Process)

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