Property Record Cards 2023

Current valuation information is available from our web site; our online assessor's database will provide property record information and allows a search for comparable sales. The online database is updated nightly. Property descriptions and valuations are subject to change until the final values (as of April 1 in the next tax year) are committed. (Generally, values are committed at the end of August each year).

This page provides property record cards in PDF format for Bath's property values as of April 1, 2023. Sales or other property changes that occurred after April 1, 2023 will not appear on these cards.

Navigation Tips

  • Property record cards are posted below in folders by street name. You will need to select the letter the street begins with, and then select the folder for the particular street on the left hand side of the file browser before the available files appear in the right hand side of the file browser.
  • If the property you are looking for does not have a street number, you will need to know the map and lot (and sometimes sublot) of the parcel, also called the parcel number. Property cards that don't have a street address are labeled as [Street Name] [Map]-[Lot], or [Street Name] [Map]-[Lot]-[Sublot]. A map reference is 2 digits, the lot is 3 digits and a sublot, if there is one on the parcel, is 3 digits. Each is separated by a hyphen. The parcel number (XX-XXX-XXX) can be found in the top left section of your tax bill, directly under the Account Number, or can be looked up in the PDFs on this page, which index the parcel number with the property address and the owner's name.
  • Most folders also contains larger PDF files containing all of the property records located on that street. If you want to look at the property record cards of a number of properties in a given area, you can download a batch of property record cards and review them.

Important Note: The file browser below alphabetizes letters before numbers. Parcels without a street address are first in each street's folder.  

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