If you want to reduce the amount of trash that goes into your garbage bag, try COMPOSTING!

You can purchase all the supplies you need to get started from the City of Bath. Ordering begins now through April 24. 

Printable Order forms are available here.

Not sure where to start?

 Click here to view our Composting Brochure.

Reasons for composting fall into two categories: the reduction of waste and bettering the environment 

Composting is the decomposition of plant remains and other once-living materials to make an earthy, dark, crumbly substance that is excellent for adding to houseplants or enriching garden soil. It is the way to recycle your yard and kitchen wastes, which can help reduce the volume of garbage needlessly sent to landfills for disposal.

The more we compost organic materials rather than throwing them away, the more landfill space is saved. This means we have less trash, fewer landfills, and save costs (i.e., taxpayer money) on trash collection because there is less to collect, transport, and dispose. When finished, compost is added to the soil; it affects everything in the environment from water cleanliness to plant vitality.

Options for composting containers are going bin-less or simply building a compost pile on the ground. You can also build bins from materials such as recycled pallets, two-by-fours, and plywood. There are also many commercial bins on the market.

You can also find information about composting at Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP).

Curbside Composting

Garbage to Garden is offers a subscriber-based curbside composting in Bath.

There are also self-service kiosks at Bath Public Works, and at the community garden on the corner of Lemont and High Streets where residents can drop off compostable materials for collection. For more information, visit,

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