Division of Storm Water and Sewers

It shall be the function of the Division of Storm Water and Sewers, under the direction of the Public Works Director, and subject to the supervision of the City Manager, as follows:

  • To construct, operate, maintain, replace, repair and improve the City sewerage collection systems which shall consist of all sewer pipes, catch basins and mains not privately owned or under the jurisdiction of the Wastewater Treatment plant.
  • To construct, operate, maintain, improve and repair the City's storm water drainage system in order to provide adequate drainage on all streets and sidewalks.

12/16/2021 - Memo to Bath Sewer Contractors

If you are a contractor who has or who may potentially perform work on private sewer service lines in the City of Bath, please refer to the document below for recent changes to Bath City Ordinance - Chapter 14 - Sewers. The changes to the ordinance will impact your ability to perform this work in Bath, and how the work is accomplished on behalf of your clients. Effective January 1, 2022.

View Contractor Letter

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