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The main objective of the Department is to provide prompt and courteous service to the citizens of Bath.

The Department, as required per Maine state statute requirements, is responsible for the following:

  • Coordinating election administration for the city
  • Recording and maintaining all vital statistics records (birth/marriage/death) for the city
  • Issuing hunting and fishing licenses
  • Serving as custodian of all official City records
  • Administering the city-wide dog licensing program
  • In addition, per the City Charter requirements, the City Clerk's Department must
  • Maintain a complete and accurate record of City Council proceedings
  • Preserve official City records
  • Provide administrative support to the City Council
  • Prepare the City Code of Ordinances for codification
  • Coordinate the Records Center for the recording of all legal documents
  • Administer the city's business licensing program.


Vital Records

The primary objective of the vital records function of the Department is to obtain and preserve documentary evidence concerning births, marriages and deaths that is necessary to protect the legal rights of individuals.

Municipal clerks file vital records for events which occur in the state of Maine. If a child is born in Maine, a copy of the birth certificate is filed in the town/city where the birth occurred, and the town/city where the mother resides. A death certificate is filed in the municipality where the death occurred, and the municipality where the deceased resided. A marriage license is filed where the bride and groom applied for the license. Note: All vital records are also filed with the State of Maine Office of Vital Records.

Birth certificates are necessary to enroll in school, apply for a driver license, to secure a passport or travel visa, to participate in many athletic programs and to apply for social security and other public program benefits.

Death certificates are necessary for many critical legal functions, including burial procedures and the processing of insurance benefits, estate settlement, transfer of stocks, bonds, personal property and real estate.

For these reasons there is a continuous demand for certified copies of birth, marriage and death certificates in Bath. The Department issues over 3,000 certified copies on an annual basis.

Official City Records

As Custodian of Records, the City Clerk's Department serves as the official record filing center for all City resolutions, ordinances, contracts, minutes and documents adopted by the City Council. The Clerk handles requests for information regarding official City documents. Requests for copies of records shall be submitted in writing.

Other Services Available in City Clerk's Office

Notary and Dedimus Justice services are available in the Clerk's office. Notary fees are $5.00 for Bath Residents and $10.00 for Non-residents. A photo ID with signature must be shown before notarizing documents can occur.

There is no fee for Dedimus Justice services.

The City Clerk’s Department is a public service office that performs a wide variety of department functions and citizen services.

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