Kennebec River

Public Boat Launches

The City of Bath has two launch facilities for boater’s convenience. One is located in the North End on Bowery Street. The other is located in the South End on Washington Street approximately ½ mile south of the Maine Maritime Museum. The Police Department routinely patrols these facilities and users are advised to familiarize themselves with rules and regulations which are clearly posted at each site.

Waterfront Park & Dock

The City of Bath maintains a public waterfront dock capable of handling multiple vessels at one time. Use limitations at the Waterfront Park public dock include:

  • 3 hour maximum tie-up time on any portion of the dock.
  • Overnight boaters and boaters that would like to exceed the 3 hour maximum limit are welcome with permission of the Harbormaster.

The public docks and launch facilities are open from May 1 until mid November.


General Information
Harbor Master
Sgt. Dan Couture
Phone Numbers
207-443-5563 207-200-7514 cell
Emergencies: Dial 911
Harbormaster, Sgt. Dan Couture
250 Water St