City Hires new Codes Enforcement Officer

 The City of Bath is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Jones as the new Codes Enforcement Officer. With a wealth of experience in regulatory compliance and a dedication to upholding community standards, Jones brings a fresh perspective and a proactive approach to maintaining the city's quality of life.

"We are delighted to welcome Adam to our team as the new Codes Enforcement Officer," said City Manager Marc Meyers. "His extensive background in regulatory affairs and his commitment to fostering safe and vibrant neighborhoods make him an excellent addition to our community."

Jones served as the Code Enforcement Officer in Lewiston before accepting the role in Bath. His previous positions have equipped him with a deep understanding of building codes, zoning regulations, and property maintenance standards. He has a proven track record of working collaboratively with residents, businesses, and other stakeholders to ensure compliance with local ordinances.

"I am excited to join the City of Bath as the Codes Enforcement Officer and contribute to the continued improvement of our community," said Jones. "I look forward to working closely with residents and businesses to address their concerns and uphold the standards that make Bath  a great place to live and work."

As the new Codes Enforcement Officer, Jones will be responsible for enforcing building codes, zoning regulations, and property maintenance standards to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of Bath residents. He will work closely with city departments, elected officials, and community organizations to address code violations and promote compliance throughout the city.

The City of Bath looks forward to the valuable contributions that Adam Jones will make as the new Codes Enforcement Officer, furthering its commitment to creating a safe, attractive, and vibrant community for all residents.

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