Notice of Posted Roads: Spring 2024

As the winter frost begins to thaw and give way to spring, temporary vehicle weight limits will be enacted on certain roads to mitigate potential damage caused by heavy vehicles. These restrictions are vital to maintaining road safety and integrity during this transition period.

Effective from February 28 until approximately May 1, heavy truck operators and those expecting substantial deliveries are urged to take heed of these temporary restrictions. Failure to comply may not only result in damage to the roads but also pose safety risks to commuters.

The impacted roads are as follows:

  1. Whiskeag Road: From Ridge Road to Oak Grove Avenue
  2. North Bath Road: From Whiskeag Road to Ridge Road
  3. Ridge Road: From Old Brunswick Road to North Bath Road
  4. Varney Mill Road: From North Bath Road to West Chops Point Road
  5. High Street: From Winnegance to the West Bath town line
  6. Mill Pond Drive

These restrictions are necessary due to the softening of the ground caused by the thawing frost. As a result, roads become more susceptible to damage under heavy loads, posing risks to both infrastructure and public safety.

Heavy truck operators and those coordinating significant deliveries to plan their activities accordingly. It is advised to schedule operations before the weight restrictions come into effect or to await their removal post-May 1 to ensure compliance with road safety measures.

Failure to adhere to these temporary weight limits may result in fines or penalties imposed by local authorities. Moreover, it could contribute to the deterioration of road conditions, leading to increased maintenance costs and potential hazards for all road users.

The City of Bath appreciates the cooperation of residents, businesses, and commuters during this period of necessary precaution. By working together to uphold these temporary restrictions, the community can ensure the continued safety and longevity of its road infrastructure.

For further information or inquiries regarding the temporary vehicle weight limits, residents are encouraged to contact Public Works

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