Construction on McMann Complex Begins

Exciting Developments Coming to McMann Complex: New Facilities and Improvements Underway

The McMann Athletic Complex, located at 181 Congress Avenue will be surrounded by new construction fencing as work begins on several new projects. These include the construction of a new maintenance building, the installation of additional public restrooms, and extensive drainage work. These improvements aim to enhance the overall functionality of the complex, catering to the needs of both athletes and spectators alike.

Certain areas of the complex will become temporarily inaccessible to the public. Moreover, adjustments to traffic flow and parking arrangements are expected to accommodate the upcoming developments. Access to Tainter Field will be rerouted through the McMann gates to streamline entry and exit points, optimizing traffic flow post-construction.

This project is expected to continue throughout the summer months and updates will continue to be posted both on the website and via social media channels.

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