Announcing Our 2022 Award Winners

We are happy to announce the award winners of this year's Citizen Involvement Day, held Saturday, October 8, 2022. Congratulations to this year's recipients! Thank you for all you do for Bath! 

Citizen of the Year: Judith Barrington

Judy has supported the Bath community in many ways for many years. She was a founding member of Sagadahoc Preservation, Inc. (SPI), and has volunteered with them for more than 46 years. She has spent many years volunteering with organizations such as Main Street Bath and the Bath Garden Club and supporting the Maine Maritime Museum and Patten Free Library. Her knowledge of Bath’s history benefits our entire City; she shares her experience, willingly and graciously. Protecting Bath’s history and culture is an investment that enhances our quality of life and provides an authentic sense of place. The City recognizes Judy Barrington as our 2022 Citizen of the Year for her dedication and protection of Bath’s history and architecture.

Youth Award: Madison Malcolm

“Madi” is an all-around all-star. Whether in school in her honors classes, playing softball, reciting poetry, or leading other young women in her role as President of her church’s youth group, her energy and enthusiasm adds to any community she is in. As a Bath Area Food Bank volunteer, she is reliable and hardworking and her positive outlook rubs off on people around her. Madi’s loyalty and appreciation of others is evident in her relationships as well as her activities. Her actions reflect the value she sees in all people, and her desire to make her surroundings better for everyone. The City recognizes Madison with the 2022 Youth Award for her enthusiastic commitment to bettering our community.

Al Smith Community Spirit Award: Bath Elementary PTA

After Dike Newell School was burned by an arson, the Bath Elementary PTA quickly rallied with staff members to collect materials and set up “Camp Dike Newell School” at the Fisher Mitchell campus, to finish out the school year. The “camp” kept the DNS community together through the final week of school, which allowed staff and students to connect with each other and process their grief. Camp DNS sprinkled healing, magic and fun into what was an otherwise difficult and traumatic week. The City recognizes the Bath PTA with the 2022 Community Spirit Award for modeling positivity, problem-solving, perseverance, and resilience for the children and our entire community.

Community Project Award: Maine's First Ship

In 2022, Maine’s First Ship (MFS) completed the long-awaited launch of an historically accurate, full-size reconstruction of the 1607 pinnace Virginia. Building this ship and making her seaworthy has been the primary mission of MSF, yet it is not their only success. The Bath Freight Shed, the location of the Virginia build, has become an experiential museum with presentations touching on many subjects including nautical engineering, traditional craftsmanship, early American and Indigenous history, and natural resources. The launch of Virginia in June was a celebration that welcomed thousands of people to Bath with speakers, music, crafts, food, and more. The City recognizes Maine’s First Ship with the 2022 Community Project Award for launching Virginia and continuing to educate about Bath’s nautical history.

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