Rabies Adhoc Committee


The City Council created this adhoc committee on December 1, 2021, to evaluate a rabies vaccination program in the region and determine ways for collaboration in communities.


Mary Ellen BellCity Council rep.
Elizabeth Dingley, ChairCity Council rep.
Roo DunnCity Council rep.
Anna Hunt
Chris Marks
Rose McConnell
Peter Smith
Marc Meyers, City ManagerEx Officio

Membership updated 3-18-2022

Previous work

In response to an influx of rabid animals in 2019-2020, which resulted in 18 fox attacks on people and pets, the City partnered with the USDA and Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on response including public education and a trapping program to reduce population densities of locally abundant rabies vector species to mitigate the human-wildlife conflict.

An Integrated Wildlife Damage Management Program in Response to a Raccoon Rabies Epizootic in Bath, USDA Report

Trapping Program Press Release

Trapping Program FAQ  

Following the trapping program, a previous rabies adhoc committee was created by City Council to consider options for addressing potential rabies outbreaks. This committee met from January 2021-July 2021. 

Two products from that adhoc committee's work:

Greater Bath, Maine Oral Rabies Vaccination (ORV) Zone Design, provided by USDA

Rabies Ad Hoc Committee Update for Council, August 4, 2021

For more information on rabies, visit www.cityofbath.com/rabies.